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Working towards Reproducible Data Science

Sharing research data can accelerate the pace of discovery, lead to increased public trust in research, and benefit the wider society.

The SDSC is dedicated to fostering open, reproducible data science through the creation of open platforms, libraries, and apps for research, education, and innovation projects. Our team of data scientists works to develop and advance these resources, enabling collaboration and knowledge sharing. By promoting open practices, we aim to drive scientific progress and empower the research community towards a more transparent and inclusive future.


Swiss Data Custodian

A human-centric and trustworthy solution for digital privacy compliance


An open-source knowledge infrastructure for collaborative and reproducible data science.

Imaging Plaza

Enhancing knowledge exchange and collaboration in imaging research - Coming Soon!



A tool to extract structured metadata from Git repositories

Pyaxis with ICANE

A python library for PC-Axis formatted data manipulation


Integrated SHACL validation

A wrapper for semantic data validation through integrated SHACL components

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