Swiss Data Custodian

A human-centric and trustworthy solution for digital privacy compliance

The Swiss Data Custodian offers a comprehensive governance framework, seamlessly integrating semantic digital contracts to ensure secure, compliant, and transparent data sharing. With its modular architecture, the platform facilitates contract lifecycle management and precise access controls, effectively bridging the gap between privacy regulations and technical implementation.

Navigating data privacy has its intricacies, and the Swiss Data Custodian streamlines this journey with privacy-centric governance. Its capability to set policies, spanning from core infrastructure to applications and research data handling, underscores its versatility. The essence of this system lies in its fine-grained access control, effectively safeguarding sensitive assets. Here, digital semantic contracts prescribe the terms, fostering transparency and a shared understanding among all parties. Whether addressing GDPR or the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (nFADP) mandates, the Swiss Data Custodian clarifies the path to compliance. Comprehensive audit trails offer valuable insights into every data interaction, positioning organizations a step ahead in an ever-shifting regulatory environment.

Figure 1: The Swiss Data Custodian as a governance layer

Unlocking sensitive data value through:

- Policy Enforcement: Implement detailed and context-aware data handling policies, ensuring stringent privacy compliance.

- Semantic Oversight: Augment existing architectures with a potent semantic contract-driven layer, enhancing clarity in data management.

- Transparent Accountability: Capture every data touchpoint, retaining an enduring record of access and signature validations.

Helping implement privacy compliance with:

- Data Subject Centricity: Prioritize the rights and autonomy of data subjects, ensuring that they have control, transparency, and understanding of how their data is used.

- Controller Compliance: Equip data controllers with the tools they need to define, enforce, and verify processing activities align with GDPR, ensuring that data subjects' rights are upheld.

- Processor Accountability: Streamline the responsibilities of data processors with clear contract management and audit trails, ensuring that processing is done securely, transparently, and in line with the controller's instructions.

Figure 2An example of contract definition interface

Read: Privacy Protection in a Data-Driven Economy, Swiss Data Custodian White Paper

Try: Custodian GitLab repository

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