Imaging Plaza

Enhancing knowledge exchange and collaboration in imaging research - Coming Soon!

Official release of Imaging Plaza is coming soon. Stay tuned!

The Imaging Plaza is a collaborative effort between the EPFL Center for Imaging and the SDSC.

It aims to enhance knowledge exchange and collaboration in the diverse landscape of imaging research. Emerging as a transformative resource, this ongoing initiative reshapes how researchers engage, collaborate, and innovate within the realm of imaging.

With a carefully curated online catalog of imaging software, the Imaging Plaza cultivates a unified hub for Swiss imaging researchers. Its ontology-driven search system enables effortless navigation of the diverse imaging software landscape.

At its core, the novel "FAIR levels" framework, rooted in the developed ontology, categorizes software based on user accessibility. Shareable runtime environments and readily executable examples democratize access, empowering both experts and novices to collaborate and innovate. Users can confidently find software that is perfectly tailored to their unique needs and abilities. The platform's intrinsic value lies in meticulous curation, ready-to-run examples and semantic resources, spurring exploration and creativity.

As the Imaging Plaza approaches its official launch, it signifies a transformative leap for the Swiss research community, amplifying accessibility, innovation, and the reliability of imaging science collaboration.

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