Pyaxis with ICANE

A python library for PC-Axis formatted data manipulation

pyaxis is a python library for PC-Axis (or PX) formatted data manipulation which allows reading and writing PC-Axis [1] format with python, using the DataFrame structures provided by the widely accepted pandas library [2].

PX is a standard format for statistical files used by a large number of statistical offices (Spain, Switzerland, Sweden). A package of software has been developed for this format: PX-Win, PX-Web and PX-Edit. pyaxis eases reading and parsing of PX files data and metadata into a pandas Dataframe and a dict structure, allowing their manipulation in a tabular and pythonic manner. It supports both monolingual and multilingual PX files.

The package was initially developed by the Instituto Cántabro de Estadistica and is now jointly maintained by ICANE and the Swiss Data Science Center. pyaxis is provided under the Apache License 2.0.

[1] PC-Axis information

[2] Python Data Analysis Library information

Check out the GITHUB repo and use our package as shown below

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