A tool to extract structured metadata from Git repositories


Gimie, short for Git Meta Information Extractor, is a Python library and command-line tool designed for effortless extraction of metadata from git repositories. It amplifies the value and accessibility of scientific code repositories by ensuring projects are easily discoverable through standardized metadata. Furthermore, Gimie fosters effective collaboration and interoperability, streamlining teamwork across various teams and organizations for successful software initiatives.

Gimie is the foundational tool of the Imaging Plaza, a repository for FAIR imaging software. Using Gimie, we extract and organize metadata, creating a comprehensive knowledge layer aligned with the principles of Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability.

Core Features

Broad Source Compatibility

Gimie extends beyond the git index, seamlessly interfacing with major Git providers like GitHub and GitLab for metadata extraction.

Interoperable Metadata

Gimie extracts project metadata as linked data adhering to the widely used ontology harmonized with codemeta project standards. Its outputs in Turtle, JSON-LD, or n-triples are designed for easy augmentation or integration with other data sources.

Multimodal Operation

More than just a command-line tool, Gimie serves as a Python library, enabling users to integrate its features directly into their coding projects.

Secure Token Handling

Gimie prioritizes security, allowing users to safely set their GitHub/GitLab tokens for smooth data extraction.

Gimie Documentation:

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