Integrated SHACL validation

A wrapper for semantic data validation through integrated SHACL components

Our integrated SHACL validation wrapper synergizes two key elements: the precision of a containerized SHACL API and the automation efficiency of GitHub Action. Powered by the TopQuadrant SHACL API, our offering facilitates rigorous SHACL validations in .ttl format, smoothly incorporating them into CI/CD workflows. Blending the SHACL Validation Action with the SHACL API Container Image, we provide developers with a holistic solution for SHACL constraint checking and rule inferencing. This design is tailored for rapid integration, addressing both data and shape validations without introducing complexity.

The collaborative force of these components simplifies SHACL integration and testing for both SHACL experts with limited programming knowledge and advanced programmers not familiar with the SHACL world. We are thrilled to contribute to the community with this work, highlighting TopQuadrant’s commitment to open-source principles and fostering collaboration.

SHACL Validation Action: A plug-and-play addition to your GitHub repository, enabling versatile validation scenarios with minimal configuration.
GitHub - SDSC-ORD/shacl-validation-action

TopQuadrant SHACL API Container Image: An open-source powerhouse with minimal size (~85Mb), multi-architecture compatibility (x86 and arm), and simple usage. Integral to the European Commission's generic SHACL-based RDF validator, the TopBraid SHACL API is foundational in our offering.
GitHub - SDSC-ORD/shacl: SHACL API in Java based on Apache Jena

We are grateful to Holger Knublauch for his exceptional assistance and kindness. We provide our wrapper solution with Holger Knublauch’s permission.

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