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Working at the Swiss Data Science Center

At the SDSC, we are dedicated to promoting a good and inclusive work environment that fosters happiness, health, and well-being among its employees. We believe in assembling an inclusive team of people who share our values and beliefs, and we recognize that a diverse workforce with people from all backgrounds, experiences, and opinions is critical to our success. We live in an international context where gender equality is valued, ensuring everyone has similar chances and is equally appreciated for their efforts.

Our recruitment policy is based on the following principles:

1. Fair practices: SDSC upholds transparent and fair hiring practices, treating all candidates with dignity, respect, and equality. We have clear and comprehensible guidelines that guide our recruitment methods and ensure every employee understands and follows them.

2. Positive culture: SDSC is committed to creating a work environment prioritizing its workers' well-being, satisfaction, and productivity.  We support flexible working arrangements, including remote work possibilities, and provide a safe and healthy work environment where every employee feels valued, respected, and supported.

3. Gender equality: We value gender equality and give equal opportunity and respect to all employees. We think everyone has unique talents and skills and encourage all our employees, regardless of gender, to attain their full potential. We establish an environment where gender stereotypes (and all other biases) are challenged, resulting in an inclusive and empowering workplace.

4. Cultural diversity: We believe in the potential of inclusion and diversity. We seek to assemble a group of enthusiastic individuals who share our beliefs and ideals regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, sexual identity, religion, or handicap. We actively recruit people with varied origins, nationalities, and experiences because we believe that a diverse workforce promotes innovation, creativity, and effective problem-solving.

5. Continuous growth: SDSC is committed to promoting our workers' ongoing education and development. We provide opportunities for professional development, allowing individuals to improve their skills, knowledge, and talents. We encourage our employees to realize their professional goals by offering resources and support.

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