Quentin Duchemin

Quentin Duchemin

Sr. Data Scientist

Quentin graduated with an engineering degree in mathematics and computer science from École des Ponts ParisTech in 2019. After a 6-month experience at the Center for Data Science of the New York University working on applied Machine Learning for medical imaging, he did a PhD in Statistics at Gustave Eiffel University (Paris). During his PhD, Quentin worked on random graphs and selective inference. His recent cross-disciplinary collaborations involve applications in biology and hydrology.



In Progress
Predicting subclonal drug response from single-cell sequencing for precision oncology
Biomedical Data Science


In Progress
A Data-Driven approach to estimate WATershed RESponses
Energy, Climate & Environment


In Progress
Enhancing toxicological testing through machine learning
Energy, Climate & Environment


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