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Albert, Carlo; Ulzega, Simone; Ozdemir, Firat; Perez-Cruz, Fernando; Mira, Antonietta"Learning Summary Statistics for Bayesian Inference with Autoencoders"2022View publication
Landwehr, S.; Volpi, M.; et al."Exploring the coupled ocean and atmosphere system with a data science approach applied to observations from the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition"Earth System Dynamics121295–13692021View publication
Journal Article
Pérez-Guillén, C.; Hendrick, M.; Techel, F.; van Herwijnen, A.; Volpi, M.; Olevski, T.; Pérez-Cruz, F.; Obozinski, G.; Schweizer, J."Data-driven automatic predictions of avalanche danger in Switzerland"EGU General Assembly Conference AbstractsEGU21–61542021View publication
Conference Paper
Thomas, J.; Alba, M.; Bouillet, E.; Novellino, A.; Pina Estany, C.; Volpi, M."How to stop re-inventing the wheel: a data management case study"2021View publication
Schenk, Michael; Coyle, Loic; Giovannozzi, Massimo; Krymova, Ekaterina; Mereghetti, Alessio; Obozinski, Guillaume; Pieloni, Tatiana; Liu (Ed.), Lin; M. (Ed.), Byrd, John; Neuenschwander (Ed.), Regis; Renan (Ed.), Picoreti; W. (Ed.), Schaa, Volker R."Modeling Particle Stability Plots for Accelerator Optimization Using Adaptive Sampling"Proceedings of the 12th International Particle Accelerator ConferenceIPAC20214 pages, 15.019 MB2021View publication
Conference Paper
Coyle, Loic; Blanc, Frederic; Buffat, Xavier; Krymova, Ekaterina; Obozinski, Guillaume; Pieloni, Tatiana; Schenk, Michael; Solfaroli Camillocci, Matteo; Wenninger, Jorg; Liu (Ed.), Lin; M. (Ed.), Byrd, John; Neuenschwander (Ed.), Regis; Renan (Ed.), Picoreti; W. (Ed.), Schaa, Volker R."Detection and Classification of Collective Beam Behaviour in the LHC"Proceedings of the 12th International Particle Accelerator ConferenceIPAC20214 pages, 0.275 MB2021View publication
Journal Article
Pegoraro, L.; Volpi, M.; Matthews, B.; Graham, C."BioDetect: automated image processing for ecological monitoring"2021View publication
Allenspach, Stephan; Puphal, Pascal; Link, Joosep; Heinmaa, Ivo; Pomjakushina, Ekaterina; Krellner, Cornelius; Lass, Jakob; Tucker, Gregory S.; Niedermayer, Christof; Imajo, Shusaku; Kohama, Yoshimitsu; Kindo, Koichi; Krämer, Steffen; Horvatić, Mladen; Jaime, Marcelo; Madsen, Alexander; Mira, Antonietta; Laflorencie, Nicolas; Mila, Frédéric; Normand, Bruce; Rüegg, Christian; Stern, Raivo; Weickert, Franziska"Revealing three-dimensional quantum criticality by Sr substitution in Han purple"Physical Review Research32231772021View publication
Journal Article
Guratinder, K.; Schmidt, M.; Walker, H. C.; Bewley, R.; Wörle, M.; Cabra, D.; Osorio, S. A.; Villalba, M.; Madsen, A. K.; Keller, L.; Wildes, A.; Puphal, P.; Cervellino, A.; Rüegg, Ch.; Zaharko, O."Magnetic correlations in the triangular antiferromagnet ${\mathrm{FeGa}}_{2}{\mathrm{S}}_{4}$"Physical Review B1046644122021View publication
Journal Article
Albert, Carlo; Ferriz-Mas, Antonio; Gaia, Filippo; Ulzega, Simone"Can Stochastic Resonance Explain Recurrence of Grand Minima?"The Astrophysical Journal Letters9162L92021View publication
Journal Article
Volpi, M.; Landwehr, S.; Thomas, J.; Schmale, J."ERA-5 reanalysis results interpolated onto the five-minute average cruise track of the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (ACE) during the austral summer of 2016/2017"2020View publication
Roscher, R.; Volpi, M.; Mallet, C.; Drees, L.; Wegner, J. D."SemCity Toulouse: A benchmark for building instance segmentation in satellite images"ISPRS Annals of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences5109-1162020View publication
Journal Article
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