Laure Vancauwenberghe

Laure Vancauwenberghe

Biomedical Data Engineer

As an EPFL Life Science Engineer, my main interest is to do science with an impact.FAIR principals guide my work style, and I strive for user-centric infrastructure to encompass data science in the biomedical and governmental spheres. I have experience in Global Health, working with multi-hospital surveillance system for pandemics, as well as training data scientist ( core side-interests lie in ocean conservation notably cetacean conservation, biodiversity, and untreated health problematics from lower and middle income countries.I have solid hard skills in problem-solving, data engineering in AI/ML, and have developed soft skills in creativity and social integration. I have acquired domain knowledge in a diversity of fields: from biology-related sciences such as human gut microbiology, epidemiology, and environmental sciences, as well as social sciences such as anthropology and psychology.I am always happy to engage with new people on innovative and impactful thematics so please do reach out !



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