Donal Hill

Donal Hill

Sr. Data Scientist

Donal joined the SDSC Innovation Team as a Senior Data Scientist in October 2022. He holds a PhD in particle physics from the University of Oxford and spent ten years at CERN working on the LHCb experiment. While there, Donal honed his expertise in high-precision statistical analyses, focusing on the decays of heavy particles. He leveraged big data and machine learning techniques to advance his research. Since joining SDSC, Donal has collaborated closely with the Richemont Data Science team to improve demand forecasting for new products. Using similarity-based models, they've worked together to create more accurate and actionable forecasting solutions. In 2021, Donal co-founded a UK-based startup focused on ocean sustainability. The company employs satellite data and computer vision technology to monitor the health and biodiversity of ocean ecosystems.



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