Anna Fournier

Anna Fournier

Principal Data Scientist

Anna joined SDSC as a Data Scientist focusing on industry collaborations in July 2019. She completed her PhD in Bioinformatics at the University of Luxembourg, where she analysed large-scale heterogeneous datasets and leveraged multiple disciplines: Statistics, Network Analysis, and Machine Learning. Before joining SDSC, Anna worked as a Data Scientist at Deloitte Luxembourg, with a focus on computer vision and time-series analysis.Currently, Anna is a Principal Data Scientist based at the ETH Zurich office, where she leads biomedical collaborations with industry partners. Anna works on a range of projects: protein properties prediction, biomanufacturing optimization, statistical model evaluation and others.



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June 2, 2020

AI trends & use cases in the pharmaceutical industry

AI trends & use cases in the pharmaceutical industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not an alien word anymore nowadays. We see both academic and industrial institutions adopting AI topics as a part of their curriculum and use cases to accelerate existing processes. The pharmaceutical industry is one of them.

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